Interview with Ana Rico Valero - Nutritionist

Ana has always been interested in nutrition and everything that surrounds health, she is auxiliary and has exercised until the end of 2020. The turn was caused by an event that made her investigate the subject, to such an extent that she discovered her passion and decided make it your profession.

_ Tell us a little about who you are? And that we can get to know you a little better.

I am Ana Rico, Graduated in Nutrition. I am currently finishing a master's degree in Clinical Nutrition, and one of my objectives is to ensure that the population has free access to nutritional treatment, without it being a privilege.

_ what do you do?

Until September 2020 I have dedicated myself to health, as a Nursing Assistant. And since October I have completely devoted myself to nutrition. Currently I work in the iLynko space, where I highlight the decoration, location and atmosphere in the workspace. In an aesthetic center, Andrea, in Benijófar. I do a nutrition podcast on Mondays, 11:30 on Radio Torrevieja "feed your health", and related projects that, due to the situation, remain on standby.

_ What are your objectives, or objective?

My main objective is to be updated, to grow, and to be able to offer in a personalized way, a form of nutritional autonomy according to your lifestyle and / or health status.

_ How did you find out about us?
Well, I was looking for a different environment, that was individual areas, with privacy, and also that had common areas for small groups and with the relevant safety and hygiene measures. And here, in addition to all that, I have found a good location, it is in the heart / center of Torrevieja and it is very bright, which I love!

_ And why would you tell readers that it is you, and not another nutritionist?

I would say that my hallmark is the involvement in the learning and autonomy of my patients. I do not pretend that they live by and for a list of restrictions, but that they know what feels better or worse for them, and what it brings them, in order to achieve a better quality of life.

_ And something about yourself that you like to do in your free time,
(hahahahaha), I laugh because I don't know if I remember what it is. But something that I can't forgive, and that helps me get through the week, is going for a run to the beach. In general practice sports.

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