The Mayor of Torrevieja inaugurates “iLynko” the first coworking business in Torrevieja

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The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, this morning attended the inauguration of "ILinko" the first coworking business in Torrevieja where you can be part of a flexible and enriched community. Previously, the Parish Priest of Roque and Santa Ana, Pedro Payá, blessed the facilities and entrusted this meeting of young companies to the memory of the "Encounter" of Glory every year, which is held, precisely in those four corners, every Easter Sunday. On his part, Eduardo Dolón, was pleasantly impressed by the distribution of the facilities that he considered exemplary and affordable, especially for the youngest who want to start a business career and need a physical presence in the city center.

iLynko, is the first coworking business in Torrevieja where you can be part of a flexible and enriched community. This innovative business model helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to generate ideas and make them possible, creating a professional network. In the middle of the pedestrian street, iLynko gives you the possibility to rent your workstation and access meeting rooms, common areas, as well as many other benefits.
iLynko is the first business to be opened after the Covid-19 crisis, bringing fresh air to the city and with the purpose of generating new ideas for Torrevieja.
This business model in Torrevieja was born from the need of the architect David Ruiz Molina to develop his profession after several years working internationally. The need for a space where you can work, connect with people, in addition to being visible in a strategic location in the city at a competitive price, emerged the business model already well established in large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. Fate joined Torrevieja businessman Gerardo Rodríguez to this business, betting on the project, his experience and knowledge of the business fabric of Torrevieja have been key in the founding of iLynko.

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